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Think Collocations!

Here we go!

Adverbs frequently used with think

with your full attention: 

carefullydeeplyhardlong and hardseriously

. Jane leant back in his chair and thought hard for a moment.

in an intelligent or original way:

Creativelylaterallyoutside the boxstrategically

. The pupils had to think creatively and work as a team.

. Employees are encouraged to think outside the box and find creative solutions.



. I could think clearly, I could stay focused, I had more energy.


faston your feet

. The car was rolling backwards; I had to think fast.


If you think twice about something, you carefully consider whether what you are planning to do is a good idea: You should think twice before you hop on a plane.

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    Useful so 👌 essential and nice way to learn natural skills of English language

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