How to Quickly Improve Your English Listening!

It’s essential to be in the right setting when learning any part of English. Listening is even more critical because listening is a skill that requires thoughtful attention.

Learning Settings

These are three main types of learning situations:

Independent study: Independent means “by yourself,” which involves studying English on your own time.

Classroom setting: A classroom will have other students with a teacher and meets routinely.

One-on-one: One-on-one classes are sessions with you and a tutor (or a dialogue partner).

Try these different ways of practising English listening skills, and pay attention to which works best. Once you’ve chosen your best learning perspective, use the tips below to practice listening in English.

Tips for Improving English Listening with Independent Study

1. Study a little bit at a time.

2. Listen to the same English podcast every day for a week.

3. Listen to an English conversation, as you can.

4. Read and listen at the same time.

5. Listen when you are going to sleep.

6. Listen to your recorded voice. 

7. Use various audio speeds.

8. Join a chat group.

Tips for Improving English in a Classroom Setting

  1. Record class activities on your cell phone.

  2. Have a list of words to listen for in class.

  3.  Ask your classmates for help if you need.

Tips for Improving English Listening During One-on-one Classes

1. Listen to your teacher carefully.

2. Listen to your teacher for stress in sentences.

3. Have communication with someone who isn’t a native English speaker.



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